GOLD! GOLD! GOLD tells the story of two young cousins who headed for the Yukon in 1898, seeking adventure as well as gold.

Leaving San Francisco on a steamship, they arrive at the port of Dyea, Alaska. Their long journey to the gold fields begins with a 16½ mile trek to the summit of the Chilkoot trail. This requires climbing 3,759 feet, the final, steepest portion of which is the Golden Stairs. The two mase numerous trips up and down, ferrying the ton of goods required for entry into Canada

This is only the beginning, with many more challenges ahead before they reach Dawson City and start their search for gold.

Because of its unique format GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! is intended be read online. Links in the text lead to historic photos related to the story at that point. Start reading, and when you come to an underlined word with a link, click it and you will see an historic photo which is related to it.