One day we walked from our Lousetown cabin into Dawson. After filling our bellies we stopped by the Klondike Nugget office just to chat. We had gotten to know Gene Allen, the editor and publisher. “Hi, fellas,” he greeted us. “I wondered if you might use a little ready cash.”
      “That sounds interesting,” I replied. “What did you have in mind?”
      “You know that I use a small steam boiler to run my press. I'm getting pretty low on fuel wood for it. I've located a nice stand of dead spruce a short way up the Indian River from the Yukon. I need twenty cords or so, in twenty-foot lengths. It wouldn't take you two long to cut that and raft it downriver to Dawson.”
      Dave and I agreed to get the wood for the Nugget's boiler. We walked back to our cabin to packed some grub, a few clothes, and some tools. The next morning we boarded the steamboat for the trip about 30 miles upstream.
      After the captain dropped us and our gear off, we got serious about figuring how to get the wood and move it down to the river. We figured that making a raft would be easy, once we got that far. So we had a little discussion to lay our plans.

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