So this was Dyea! A haphazard, jumbled collection of hastily erected wooden buildings, with tents closely packed beyond them.
     “This your stuff?”
     We looked up to see a U.S. Customs officer. “Sure is, and most of it is sealed in bond, ready to go back into Canada.”
     The officer checked us out, charged us a bit of duty just as a matter of principle, and moved on to the next outfit. As quickly as possible, I hunted up a man with a team of horses and a wagon to haul our belongings to a point where we could sort them out and prepare for our trip up the trail. Even the awesome snow-covered mountains towering above us could not distract us from the work ahead.
     “OK Jim, first let's get the tent set up and fire up the stove, so we'll be somewhat warm tonight. We should be able to find tent poles and firewood on that hill just above us.”

- 10 -