Although it looked as if spring was still far away, the days were getting longer and warmer. “I think we've spent long enough here in Dawson, Dave. It's time to get back to the claim and get ready for cleanup.”
      “I'm eager to get back to work too. What do we do next?”
      “We'll need equipment for separating the gold from all the gravel we've dug up. We already know we have some gold there, because we've been testing it with our gold pan from time to time. It's just a question of how much.”
      “I wish we had found some really big nuggets. What we've seen so far has been pretty small.”
      “Big nuggets are great, Dave, but what counts is the total weight of gold, regardless of size. And to sort out whatever we have, we'll have to construct a some kind of a device to separate the gold from what we hope is pay dirt. We'll rely on the water coming off the hillsides from the melting snow to wash it all out.”
      “That's about it. But if we don't get our stuff together and get back to Hunker Creek, we'll never have any gold.”

- 63 -